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Mongolia's Naadam Festival

Mongolia’s Naadam Festival

The ancient Greeks may have the Olympics but the Mongols have Naadam. Mongolia’s annual circus-like Naadam Festival is a centuries-old tradition that dates back to the era of the great Khans and their dynasties. Wrestling, archery and horse racing – the three skills that Genghis Khan considered essential for any Mongol warrior – are showcased at the country’s largest celebration of the “three manly sports”. Come behind the scenes as we meet the competitors in the lead up to the festival and discover some of Mongolia’s wild outback, visiting ruined monasteries, flaming cliffs and historic cities.


  • Archery Training Camp
  • Wrestling Training Camp
  • Horse Racing Training Camp
  • Baga Gazriin Chuluu – Hike
  • Tsagaan Suvarga – Hike
  • Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs – Sunset walk
  • Vulture Canyon – Hike
  • Khongoriin Sand Dunes – Sunset walk & camel ride
  • Ongiin Khiid – Ruins
  • Karakorum – Erdenezuu Monastery & Museum
  • Naadam Festival – Opening Ceremony
  • Naadam Festival – Archery events
  • Naadam Festival – Wrestling events
  • Naadam Festival – Horse Racing events


  • Go behind the scenes of Mongolia’s Naadam Festival and visit the athlete’s training camps as they prepare to compete in the Naadam Festival.
  • Live the nomad life with a family stay at a horse breeder’s camp.
  • Experience the phenomenal landscapes of central Mongolia.
  • Attend the Naadam Opening Ceremony and watch athletes compete for glory in wrestling, horse racing and archery.
  • Encounter Mongolia’s stunning natural landscape with visits to places such as the Flaming Cliffs and sand dunes of Khongoriin.

07/02/2023 through 06/26/2024
07/02/2023 through 07/13/2024

Day 1 Ulaanbaatar
Day 2 Archery Training Camp
Day 3 Wrestling Training Camp
Day 4 Horse Racing Training Camp
Day 5 Baga Gazriin Chuluu
Day 6 Tsagaan Suvarga
Day 7 Vulture Canyon/Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs
Day 8 Khongoriin Sand Dunes
Day 9 Khongoriin Sand Dunes
Day 10 Ongiin Khiid
Day 11 Karakorum
Day 12 Ulaanbaatar
Day 13 Naadam Festival - Opening Ceremony & Archery Events
Day 14 Naadam Festival - Wrestling & Horse Racing Events
Day 15 Ulaanbaatar

06/29/24 - 07/13/24

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