Mexico City to Oaxaca

07/02/2023 through 12/11/2024
07/02/2023 through 12/21/2024
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Mexico City to Oaxaca

Say Hola to a tour that’s more than just tacos and tequila and prepare for una buena adventure into the heart and soul of Mexico. From Aztec to Zapotec, La Copita to Pasita – travel on this cultural cocktail, that blends the best of the country’s ruins, cuisines and natural wonders into an eight-day journey through colourful markets, indigenous culture and all the Mezcal you can manage. From the fiery capital of Mexico City to the culinary paradise of Oaxaca, whether you’re hanging out in a quirky bar in Puebla, exploring the ancient ruins of Mitla or discovering the vibrant art scene of Oaxaca, you’re guaranteed to get a taste of Mexico’s magic at every turn.


  • Mexico City – Leader-led Historico Centro tour
  • Leader-led Informal Spanish Lesson
  • Puebla – Leader-led orientation walk
  • Tlahuac – Community Visit
  • Puebla – Visit to La Pasita Bar
  • Oaxaca – Leader-led orientation walk
  • Mitla – Archaeological site (Entrance fee, Guide & Transport)
  • Oaxaca – Guided full-day tour including the Tule Tree and a Mezcal distillery
  • Oaxaca – Lunch with Zapotecan Family


  • Visit the community of San Pedro Tlahuac where Nahuatl descendants preserve traditions from Pre-Columbian times, including chinampa farming and fiestas and ceremonies from ancient days.
  • Quench your thirst with a glass of Pasita in Puebla’s famous ‘La Pasita’ bar. Knock back this sweet liquor with your travel companions on an included visit – it’s your guides shout!
  • Learn the local lingo with a leader lead Spanish lesson en-route to Puebla. Watch the rolling hills as you practice your rolling R’s and memorise the all-important phrases, like how to order a cerveza!
  • Ditch the guidebook and make the most of your expert leader. Get all the best tips, tricks and first-hand insider knowledge to make sure you make the most of your free time.
  • Extend your time in Oaxaca or explore more places in Mexico, the options are endless when your adventure ends in this exciting city – you decide where to next!


Day 1 Mexico City
Day 2 Mexico City
Day 3 San Pedro Tlahuac / Puebla
Day 4 Puebla
Day 5 Oaxaca
Day 6 Mitla / Oaxaca
Day 7 Oaxaca
Day 8 Oaxaca

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