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The hectic but surprisingly sophisticated city life of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh with its cosmopolitan dining scene and bustling nightlife coexists with the tropical wilderness of the countryside. With ancient and modern colliding in Cambodia, the resulting blend feels like an authentic adventure. The Mekong River, home to some of the region’s last freshwater dolphins and rich wildlife, attract an increasing amount of ecotourism. Cambodia draws in visitors from all over the world. Learn more about the remnants of the mighty Khmer empire that can still be traced through the breathtaking temples of Angkor.
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Phnom Penh

Situated at the crossroads of three great rivers – the Mekong, Tonle Sap, and Bassac – Phnom Penh is the heart of a country steeped in tradition, overflowing with rice paddies, jungles, and rural communities. Once a sleepy backwater, Phnom Penh, now, buzzes with commercial activity as the country develops after years of isolation. Old French colonial mansions stand alongside newly emerging designs, which make the city’s mixed architecture and communities fascinating to explore.
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Siem Reap

Home to the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples, the charming town of Siem Reap, in the heart of Cambodia, invites you to embark on a journey through time, where majestic ruins stand as testaments to a glorious past. Beyond its archaeological treasures, Siem Reap captivates with its bustling markets, flavourful cuisine, and warm hospitality, promising lasting memories for every traveller who sets foot on its storied streets.